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What We Do

We exist to support the student-athletic community at large.  Although Randolph is privileged to have over twenty sport-specific booster clubs that support our 33 athletic teams, there are times when it is helpful for the whole sports community to work together ... that is our purpose.  Key activities include:
Publicity & Advocacy

By working together, RAMRAC provides a powerful voice that represents over 50% of the RHS student body.  We work with local businesses to provide live-streaming of select home sporting events.  We manage an active social media stream to keep the town informed about our student-atheletes' successes.  And we mobilize members to achieve public policy goals (such as the facilities improvement referendum in 2018).


RAMRAC programs are geared towards raising funds to assist the athletic department in benefiting all student athletes collectively.  Funding has been provided to help furnish the weight room, to provide software for fitness training, and to bring visual spirit to the RHS campus.


RAMRAC assists sports booster clubs with liability insurance for club events, regulatory and tax matters, and other services to help with the "business" of managing a booster club.

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