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RAMRAC is in its 10th year as a consolidated voice for all high school sports programs and student-athletes.


RAMRAC was founded with the purpose of being a liaison between athletes & coaches, parents, school administrators, and the residents of Randolph. Our main objectives are to:

  • Unite the Randolph High School athletic community in order to promote and represent its interests to the community

  • Promote Randolph High School athletic programs, and support the student-athletes, coaches, and school district in an atmosphere that is consistent with the educational philosophy of the school

  • Provide supplementary financial support for Randolph High School athletics

  • Aid and support the booster clubs in the areas of promotion, publicity, program development, and the sharing of best practices

  • Organize and promote athletic and spirit events to benefit all Randolph High School sports during fall, winter and spring athletic seasons

  • Promote school spirit and sportsmanship among Randolph student-athletes, coaches, parents, and fans; encourage attendance at sporting events; and generate enthusiastic support of Randolph sports

  • Encourage and support the academic endeavors of Randolph student-athletes

  • Establish common vendors that agree to do business with RAMRAC and its member booster organizations, to leverage our size and scale

  • Celebrate the history of Randolph High School athletics with the Hall of Fame




Participation in interscholastic athletics provides RHS student-athletes the opportunity to develop their personal, physical, and intellectual skills while they grow, learn and enjoy their Randolph High School experience. Participation in Randolph Athletics instills lifelong habits and skills that will lead to our RAMS leading better and healthier lives. We recognize that winning is not an end in itself, but rather believe that the efforts of the RAMS will lead them to life-long successes.


Athletics at Randolph High School – whether as a RAM student-athlete, Booster Club member or fan – builds community engagement that allows a broader community to take part of the Randolph Athletics/RAMS experience. We take pride in the fact that our Coaches and Athletes embody what it means to be a RAM and a part of the overall Randolph High School RAMS experience.

Over the past 10 years, RAMRAC has contributed towards the following improvements & events at Randolph High School:

  • Championship Banners in the main High School Gym

  • Expansion of the athletic trainer’s room

  • New flooring in the weight room

  • Randolph banners around the campus

  • Upgraded speaker system in the main High School Gym

  • Starting in 2018: Live webcasts of Randolph events for out-of-town family and fans

  • 2019: Donated new scorer's table for indoor athletics at RHS


We always welcome input about what projects we can help establish, fund, or help organize on behalf of the student-athletes at RHS.


If you have a suggestion or question, please email us at or use our CONTACT FORM 

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